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UK Electrical Wholesalers (UKEW®)
Find great deals on state-of-the-art electronics at UK Electrical Wholesaler Ltd (UKEW®) in Manchester, Lancashire. We are a Electrical retail  shop offering great products to commercial and domestic customers across the UK. We are part of one of the nation's largest suppliers of LED & security products, selling to high street retailers, shopping centres, professional concert venues, and private customers.
We are pride ourselves on our excellent reputation. Our prices are very competitive and the quality of our products is extremely high. We offer a two-year warranty on our CCTV systems and most LED lights.
LEDs represent an incredible, fast moving and game changing technology within the lighting industry. Whilst early LED lighting developments focused on relatively low output product applications, technological improvements in LEDs have enabled forward thinking manufacturers to develop products for a much broader range of applications.
LEDs can now be used as genuine equivalents to traditional light sources, delivering performance and power comparable to 50 Watt Halogen and even 35 Watt Metal Halide and, whereas historically, LED whites may have been cool or even grey in appearance, high quality LED sources are today delivering exceptional colour rendering and warmth of colour.
We only work with the very latest, brightest and best performing LEDs from the most reputable manufacturers and we continuously seek to improve our offering to ensure  UKEW® products are the most advanced and efficient in the world.
The UKEW® technical and design teams are completely focused on keeping UKEW® at the forefront of LED product design and are constantly researching new methods, materials and technologies to achieve this goal.  
Indeed, every UKEW®product is manufactured with a high degree of care and attention to detail as our teams are all too aware that our products are installed in some pretty tricky environments. The surface finishes on all products are equally important, with specialist paint or anodised finish applied to the product to ensure they can cope with the most rugged environments.
Furthermore our products are independently tested to certify their performance and most UKEW®products are supplied with 1 to 5 years guarantee.
In short, by choosing UKEW®, you are working with the very best that LED design and technology has to offer.

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