The principal benefits of utilising LED lights over traditional lighting solutions are well documented on the web.

Go ahead and make a Google search for “LED benefits” or “LED advantages” and you’ll receive a ton of content on why you should make use of the technology. The trouble is, all these lists say the same sorts of things – and they’re not particularly long either.

It was with this in mind that we decided to devise a comprehensive and exhaustive list that would blow any other resource out of the water. Here is a list of 50 (yes, fifty, five-zero) reasons why you should be using LED Lights.

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1. Because they require less energy to power, LEDS will save you electricity


This woman is ecstatic that she is saving electricity*

(*Might not be actual cause for celebration)

2. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED lights will save you around 80% of electrical power

3. In comparison with a halogen lamp, there is a 75% saving on electricity

4. They contain no hazardous solids, liquids or gases – which can be harmful to the environment

5. Used as automobile lighting, LEDs have been proven to help reduce the risk of car accidents in daylight hours by 15%

6. Because they produce a cold light, LEDs can be ideal for plant growth (Look! This infographic proves it!)

7. LED Lights are available in a number of different colours and shades that can define the style, setting and ambience you desire


That is one cool kitchen.

(You catch the double-meaning there? No? Ah comon!)

8. There is no high-powered discharge that can have a detrimental effect on the eyes

9. LEDs use direct light meaning there is no light pollution

10. Used as a temperature gauge, LEDs can help you distinguish between hot and cold water

11. LEDs have no UV light, eradicating the possibility of skin damage

12. Used by your local council as lighting solutions, they will vastly improve the visibility on your roads 


Life before LED Street Lights and after. Source

13. Despite being cold to touch, LEDs offer a “warm” glow – much like their incandescent counterparts

14. They are easy to install – simply screw on

15. They are easy to uninstall (yes, that’s a separate reason!) – and won’t burn you

16. There is no need for excessive maintenance – once they’re installed, they won’t bother you!

17. LEDs have a thick epoxy which makes them incredibly durable and pretty much impossible to break

18. LED string lights have thicker wires – meaning they are less likely to get into a knotted mess


None of this. Fortunately.

19. Using LEDs in the outdoors? They are completely rust-proof

20. LED Lights don’t flicker

21. They have the ability to be dimmed

22. LEDs retain their true colours

23. They let you walk your dog in the dark (useful, right?)

24. LEDs don’t attract bugs and insects

25. They are silent and produce no annoying and distracting humming noises

26. While typically more expensive than a standard bulb, they are still very affordable and freely available

27. They save you money on your electricity bills


Who doesn’t like money?

28. They can last up to 50,000 hours (that’s a long time)

29. LEDs last 2400% longer than regular halogen bulbs – which can be in advance of 40 years difference based on average use

30. They can help you build a light saber (and who wouldn’t want to do that?)


Scary man.

31. LEDs can be installed and utilised both inside and outside of the home with no affect on lighting quality

32. LEDs immediately switch-on with no warm-up time

33. The lights are fully operational in all types of weather conditions

34. They contain no harmful environmental pollutants like lead or mercury

35. They are recyclable

36. LEDs don’t emit Radio Frequency interference

37. They could help improve your eyesight in the future (ok, perhaps a little farfetched)

38. LEDs can help to save lives

39. The low voltage power supply associated to LEDs increases electrical safety

40. They are lightweight

41. They are much brighter than your traditional lighting solution and will improve visibility

42. They are more flexible, versatile and adaptable than traditional lighting

43. Used at Christmas time, LEDs can reduce a risk of a fire compared to standard Christmas lights


A Christmas Tree on fire. Not good.

44. LED Light therapy has been known to alleviate a range of skin conditions

45. LEDs do not burn out like incandescent bulbs – their brightness slowly fades

46. As a homeowner, you will enjoy the convenience of not having to change a light bulb on a regular basis

47. You will save a projected cash outlay on purchasing a greater regularity of traditional lighting solutions

48. Most LEDs come with a two-year warranty – compared to a one-year warranty of standard lights

49. Because they are environmentally friendly, they lower your carbon footprint

50. Using LEDs will make you feel good! (You know, because you’re helping save the planet and all that?)