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LED Panel Light-Commercial Lighting


Looking to enhance your lighting game? LED panel lights might just be the solution you need. With their energy efficiency and versatility, they can improve the atmosphere of any space. Plus, they're easy to install and maintain. Try out LED panel lights today and see the difference for yourself. Buy with best quality and prices Lamps & Lighting / LED Lighting / LED Panel Lights at UKEW with 1 years warranty. Led Lights is a high-grade indoor lighting lamp, the outer frames are made of aluminium alloy by anodic oxidation, lighting source uses LED, the whole lamp is a neat design and simple appearance, but they are excellent illumination effects. 

As green lighting, the LED panel lights use environmental protection material, they are small power consumption. Their luminous efficiency and brightness etc. are superior to the grille lights. The LED panel lights life is about 10 times that of fluorescent lamps

LED Panels are now widely available in several shapes of sizes and we have a comprehensive range of reliable LED panels, built to a high quality and meeting the latest building regulations available to buy online at UKEW with 1 years of warranty. We also have a wide range of LED sensors at affordable prices.

The most popular product we sell is our 600 x 600mm (actual dimensions 596 x 596mm to drop into a ceiling grid system if required) which is a 4000K Daylight White rated LED panel which outputs a very good level of light against the energy used.


There are many benefits to LED Panels and more and more people are turning to LED Panel lighting. For not only the cost benefits but also for aesthetics and improving the atmosphere of a given place. LED Panels have a much longer shelf life than normal bulbs and as a result, they use less power.

They have a softer lighting option to create a better atmosphere, this is especially common where you see many panels installed in offices, hospitals and other large public and private and commercial buildings.


There are many uses for LED Panels depending on what you want to illuminate and how you want to illuminate the atmosphere you are in. It is a good idea to know what area you are lighting as this can distinguish between tubes and panels and backlighting


Ceiling panels are a great way to light up an office through a suspended ceiling and other ceiling spotlights they are made to measure to fit all standard sizes for suspended ceilings and blend in with the ceiling to create a streamlined approach. As the panel is powered by a low voltage charge, the panels will last for a long term thus saving energy and the need to renew panels and tube lights constantly.


Using LED Panels for walls can have multiple uses, you can use them for display purposes and general lighting. A good use of LED lighting on walls is to create a backlight with a transparent image in front so that the light illuminates through the image but also creates light in the room. This can be used for signage and displays and wherever there is a need to advertise. Panels can be used for interior and exterior uses depending on the requirements LED lights are eco-friendly, so if you are looking at creating light using LED then a panel is the best way to go.

Brand: Thermio Model: 300-1200
  Wattage: 45W  Voltage: AC96-265V  Dimensions(mm): 1195x295x12  Luminous Flux: >3800Lm  Beam Angle: 120D  Colour temperature: 6000K / 4500K  Non di..
Ex Tax:£37.80
Brand: UKEW Model: 18W CW ROUND
 This New Round 18W LED Panel light is a great solution to light up your home, office or business and perfect replacement for old PL recessed light. By switching to these led ultra thin panel version you will be saving up to 50% energy compared to old lights. These lights come with a Two Ye..
Ex Tax:£10.50
The EMLEDKIT3 emergency remote box provides a simple plug-and-play emergency conversion unit for a range of LED panels. This unit supplies a constant power output of 3 Watts and is operable on LED arrays with a requirement between 9 and 55V DC. 3 hours emergency duration at 3W Output4VA power c..
Ex Tax:£42.00
Brand: UKEW Model: UKE-LED-PANEL-40W
 A modern LED light panel with high quality aluminium frame, specialy designed to replace traditional 600x600 modular fluorescent fittings with an energy efficient alternative solution.Epistar LEDs is used in all our LED products. Our Panel light is certificated by ..
Ex Tax:£25.00
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