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Indoor Lighting Controls

Model: PIRM18
 SpecificationDetection Angle: 360° Detection Range: 6m (<25℃) Time Setting: 5Sec.30Sec. Power Source: 220-240V/AC Power Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated Load: 800W Max Ambient Light: <10Lux~2000 Lux Work Temperature: -10℃~+40℃ Detection Motion Speed:0.6-..
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Brand: UKEW Model: PIR360C
Specifications 1 Detection Range: 360 degree  2 Power Consumption: 0.45W (work) 0.1W (static)  3 Detection Distance: max.6m    ST41B Infrared Motion Sensor Ceiling Mount Indoor PC Material   The product adopts good sensitivity d..
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Brand: UKEW Model: UKEWST45A
This product is an occupancy/ presence motion sensor by using PIR passive infrared it continuously scans the preset operating zone and immediately switches the load light on when it detects any movement in the area.To summarize this means whenever movement is detected within the set range of the..
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Brand: UKEW Model: ukew-ESP20
PRODUCT DETAILS: Detection Angle: 180° Detection Range: 12m (<25℃) Time Setting:5Sec-10Min. Power Source: 110-240V/AC Rated Load: 1200W.Max Power Frequency: 50Hz Ambient Light: <10Lux-2000 Lux Work Temperature: -10℃~+40℃..
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Recessed 360 Degree PIR Ceiling Occupancy Motion Sensor Detector Light Switch UKEW®	Recessed 360 Degree PIR Ceiling Occupancy Motion Sensor Detector Light Switch UKEW®
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Brand: UKEW Model: ukew-es-p17
Are you interested in saving energy?These new Recessed PIR motion/ occupancy sensor is perfect way to start saving energy and also on your bills. Installing a new PIR motion sensor switch enables connected lights to switch on automatically when someone enters the room. The light will stay on unt..
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Brand: UKEW Model: MSB360
The product adopts microwave sensor mould with high-frequency electro-magnetic wave (5.8GHz), integrated circuit. It gathers automatism, convenience, safety, saving-energy and practicality functions. The wide detection field is consisting of detectors. It works by receiving human motion. When one en..
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